How Many More Pixels Do We Need?

In the age of Hi Def, we can see things sharper, and more realistically, than ever. But how sharp and realistic do we really need to see things? Are there times things can be so sharp they can feel unreal? And how much can the untrained eye really see? 

NBC News just ran a story headlined with the plea “Enough pixels already!,” and that “TVs, tablets, phones surpass limits of human vision.” While we think hi def can be great, experts are telling us that we’re paying for more pixels than we can visually take in. 

As one expert told NBC, if you buy a 4K TV, “a regular human isn’t going to see a difference.” With the iPhone 4, NBC also tells us the screen was so sharp “that further refinements would be unnoticeable.” Today’s TVs have four times more pixels than hi def TVs, and again, like the experts tell us, “There’s going to be some density beyond which you can’t do any better because of the limits of your eye.” 

Then we took a gander at the Sony and Samsung 4K prices. $3,000 to $25,000?! And Sony responded to the story by saying in a statement, “the 4K picture quality difference is evident when seen in person, and we invite consumers to see and experience the difference for themselves because seeing is believing.” 

So if you have to have the best in quality, go for it, but I for one don’t need ultra high def. Some high def can indeed look incredible, and maybe we’ll eventually get used to the look of higher frame rates as well, but if the difference isn’t going to blow you away when you see it, it’s best to save your money, until the next step in technology comes along of course.