Apocalypse Preacher Meets Thy Doom

You may recall two years ago there was this preacher, Harold Camping, telling everyone the world was going to end on May 21, 2011. We hope none of you blew all your money, or did anything really insane like run down the street naked covered in blue paint because you thought the world was indeed coming to an end, because obviously it didn’t.

We also had the nonsense about the Mayan calendar last year, which was quickly debunked after some research. Now it turns out that Camping has in fact gone to the great beyond at the age of 92. 

As Foxnews tells us, Camping predicted the rapture was coming on May 21, 2011, and his preaching organization spent millions to put the message on billboards and RVs. Some members of his church group sold everything they had and quit their jobs to help raise the money and spread the word. May 21 came and went, then Camping said he was off by five months. Didn’t happen then either. 

Many of us, including we writers at TGD, are fascinated by the concept of the end of the world, because it is going to happen some day, just not in our lifetimes. How do I know? Just take my word for it. Trust me, there would be some really obvious signs, and we’re not talking about Ben Affleck playing Batman…