Why does the Mouse House hate Christmas?

How else to explain it suddenly pulling its Christmas movies from Amazon until July. Yup. You read it right. Christmas cartoons in July.

Mickey Mouse outfit Disney has decided that its fluffy bunny image is not getting it anywhere and it is better to stop kids’ Christmas presents this year.

For a while now Amazon has been selling Disney’s Christmas catalogue to parents who want to sit kids down on Christmas Day with a nice cartoon. However it seems that, despite parents paying for the content, Amazon has deleted them from the library and the site.

According to Boing Boing,  Amazon said that the agreement that it has to distribute content contains a clause that Disney can pull its content at any time and ‘at this time they’ve pulled that show for exclusivity on their own channel”.

So Disney effectively pulled its Christmas content so that it could show it on its own channel and banned parents from seeing content, which they had paid for, until July.

To be fair it is all in Amazon’s terms and conditions in the small print that you never read, but it does seem rather odd that you can pay for something and have it taken away because it does not fit into a publishers’ schedule.

It is being seen as yet another example as to why Big Content completely fails to understand digital content sales. It still thinks that people will buy hard copies if digital copies are made too expensive or unreliable. In fact, they will simply go to a pirate site.

Amazon was also dumb allowing studios the right to revoke access to videos, something that many of the owners of its Kindle products would have been unaware. 

Source: TechEye