The Latest Star Wars News

As we all know by now, Star Wars is gaining full speed, and will be shooting sometime next year for a December 18, 2015 release date. The film is currently being cast, and while official information will be scarce for a while, there’s always interesting little tid-bits that get out there, and here’s a few of the latest. 

The entire Star Wars franchise is under the Disney umbrella, who also currently own Marvel, and as Jay Rasulo, Disney’s CFO, told The Wrap, Star Wars will follow the same template as the Marvel films. “You can substitute the word Marvel for LucasFilm,” Rasulo said. “To take this treasure trove of content and deliver it through the Disney eco-system.” 

And of course, there will be major merchandising, much like Marvel’s characters are also “fully integrated” into Disney’s toy lines. Obviously Disney wants to have as many big companies as they can fit under their roof, and we just reported that the mouse house also just got the rights to Indiana Jones as well. 

As far as the latest casting news, Collider tells us that Jack O’Connell could be up for a “key role” in the film. O’Connell is currently unknown, but many feel he’s about to break through in a number of big roles including 300: Rise of an Empire, and the big screen adaptation of the major best-seller Unbroken.

Recently, Michael B. Jordan also commented on being up for both Star Wars and Independence Day 2, telling We Got You Covered and Giant Freakin Robot, “It’s good to be in the mix of those conversations right now.” Jordan mentioned he’s getting back in shape, “so just in case any films, any roles come up in the future that I might need to be in shape for – I’ll be in shape.”

With the new year just around the corner, official casting news should be hitting very soon, so stay tuned…