Scarface Turns 30

We hear about anniversaries all the time that make us feel old, and here’s the latest one that shocked us…Can you believe Scarface is 30?

Scarface was the perfect example of a movie gaining a hell of a second life on video and cable. When Scarface came out on December 9, 1983, the critics found the film revolting, and it didn’t do well at the box office either. But the cult of Scarface continued to grow over time, and the rappers played a big hand in keeping the saga of Tony Montana alive. 

As Steven Bauer told The Hollywood Reporter, “Every time they went to a rapper’s house, inevitably they would go into his favorite room in his house, and it was the Scarface room. Or his dog would be named Scarface. They brought it back.” 

Scarface has always been Al Pacino’s favorite performance, and it’s still a very powerful film today. Much like the critics who initially lambasted Raging Bull because of Jake LaMotta’s character flaws, many also wondered how Pacino could have played anyone so repulsive, but as Bauer said, “The character Al created – that Tony Montana character is so interesting and so compelling, that he sucks you in. You can hate him, but you can’t stop watching it.” 

So what else can be said except happy f*cking birthday to Tony Montana, better known as Scarface. The world is yours baby…