Going Behind the Scenes With DC Comics

Even though DC Comics has Batman, lately they’ve been coming in second to Marvel, who’ve been cruising along on the incredible success of The Avengers, Iron Man, and Thor. But recently DC has been working very hard to catch up, and they’re keeping fans abreast of their progress with All Access. 

We just reported on TGD that Marvel is doing web series with Netflix for the characters Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. Now apparently DC will be following their lead, not just with the upcoming series Gotham, but also with their news show DC All Access, which takes readers behind the scenes of what goes on at the company.

As Variety tells us, the show launched in October, and it’s done well enough that it’s gone from an eight series order to a new season with 24 episodes. You can watch the show on DCComics.com, as well as on DC’s YouTube page.

Geek shows have been gaining a lot of traction, and this is definitely in the mold we’re familiar with, although the female host, Tiffany Smith, might be too hot to host this kind of thing. Then again, more women are geeking out than ever, which gives many of us lonely geeks a lot of hope. (Variety confirms that Smith isn’t a tourist, she’s a “super fan.”)

As a DC exec told Variety, “We wanted to make fans aware of stuff we think is cool as fans. It’s how I learned to read. Fans can smell authenticity. What you do has to come from a genuine place. And if you call it ‘All Access you have to give them all access or people will call you out on it.”