Pompeii is to Paul WS Anderson as every movie is to Roland Emmerich

The full length trailer for Pompeii is out with the gorgeous bastard son of Ned Stark, the very real and six-pack-abs-erific Kit Harrington. From the man who sleeps with Milla Jovovich, his single redeeming act of artistic integrity, Paul WS Anderson. If you don’t think you are watching a Roland Emmerich movie then you don’t know your destruction porn cinema very well, do you.

There is nothing we can say about this. Just watch it. Don’t try and pretend you know anything about the real goings on in Pompeii. Don’t even pretend that you care. There good looking people getting it on while the world burns and, this is where it gets really interesting, there is Adebisi from Oz. Adebisi, people. Show me where to buy my tickets.