Veronica Mars Movie Gets a Release Date

The resurrection of Veronica Mars was quite a story. The beloved show had been off the air forever, and Rob Thomas got things going with a Kickstarter campaign, which broke the record for most money raised for a project.

Now Variety and Entertainment Weekly tell us that the Veronica Mars movie has a release date, and it will be March 14, 2014, a year and a day to when the Kickstarter campaign launched. As Mars creator Rob Thomas told EW, “Warner Bros has this date circled for quite some time and hoped it would stay open. Luckily, no other teen detective movie decided to open in the middle of March.” 

As Variety points out, when Veronica Mars went to Kickstarter for help, so did a lot of other people in Hollywood like Zach Braff, Paul Schrader, David Fincher, and Spike Lee. Money can obviously be very elusive in Hollywood, and it’s always welcome, however you can get your hands on it. 

The fans put up $5.7 million for this movie, it was shot in 23 days. Warner Brothers has planned to put the movie out in a small engagement in a few cities, then it will open wider on video on demand. Thomas also said that Mars could end up having a wider theatrical release if the demand is there. “We’re not going to dribble it out there,” Thomas continued. “We are a low budget movie with big set pieces and 60 speaking roles. But I think we managed to pull it off.”