Sin City To Become a TV Series

It’s hard to remember the last time Robert Rodriguez directed a good movie, and while Sin City had its flaws, it was still pretty cool stuff. The black and white look of the film was also very innovative, back when Rodriguez was still breaking new ground as a filmmaker. 

Dimension Pictures has a deal to adapt a number of their movies into series, and Indie Wire tells us that series based on From Dusk Til Dawn and Scream have the green-lit, and there will also be a Sin City series as well. (As we’ve reported previously on TGD, From Dusk Til Dawn is a show that’s being developed for Latin television.)

The Sin City show will follow up the release of the next Sin City film, A Dame to Die For, which is coming out on August 22, 2014.

In addition, Dimension is developing a mini-series version of The Mist, which reportedly involves Frank Darabont. (Darabont wrote and directed the theatrical feature version of the King novel.) There’s a lot better storytelling these days in TV, and as the New York Times reports, maybe Dimension is following the lead of Columbia, who are going to cut down their feature production, and increase their TV output. 

Stephen King’s books will always be hot literary property to adapt into movies and TV shows, and there’s remakes of It and The stand in the works as well. At the same time, we’re not sure if The Mist will be that great as a mini-series, especially right after the theatrical version came out. We’re also not sure if Sin City and From Dusk Til Dawn will cut it as regular series either, but both could be a lot of fun if they’re done in the right spirit.