Preparing Your Kids For a Zombie Invasion

While zombies may still be the hot monster these days, we haven’t heard much about zombie paranoia lately. In fact, we at TGD are amazed at how much people believe these guys are real.

Now Fearnet reports there is a great new lunchbox you can pack when you get hungry fighting zombies. This comes from a company called Fourth Castle, and it has a distinct biohazard look with ZOMBIE SURVIVAL KIT STANDARD ISSUE stamped on the side. 

This lunchbox is made of metal, and it’s fastened together with steel clips, much like something you’d have in the army. It doesn’t come with any anti-zombie tools, so you can stuff it with whatever you like, and it’s only $9.99. (Fearnet tells us this will be out in stores in March.) 

This kind of stuff shouldn’t be for kids, you don’t want them scared of a potential zombie uprising, but it’s certainly okay for adults to have fun with zombie stuff because we know it’s not real. Right?