From Dusk Till Dawn TV Show About to See the Light of Day

There’s a lot of great horror, sci-fi and fantasy on TV these days, but how about a genre show with some Latin flavor? In fact, Latin horror’s been a big thing this year with the success of the movie Mama, and a Latin Paranormal Activity movie will also be coming soon. 

Now From Dusk Till Dawn will be headed to TV, on the cable channel created by Robert Rodriguez. Rodriguez is the director of the original Dawn film, and his channel is called El Rey. According to The Verge, Rodriguez will be directing the first two episodes as well. 

As Den of Geek tells us, the show will star D.J. Cotrona (G.I. Joe: Retaliation), and Zane Holtz (The Perks of Being a Wall Flower) as the Gecko brothers, and Don Johnson will also be aboard as Sheriff Earl McGraw. This show will be ten episodes to start, and Rodriguez said this will be a “novel” compared to the movie, which he considers a “short story” in comparison.

The movie From Dusk Till Dawn had potential to be a terrific horror film, and it definitely had its moments, but it was ultimately pretty half-assed. We’re not sure if a longer story arc could potentially make it any better, but the same idea with a fresh cast could be interesting, and we’re definitely curious to check it out.