Will Ender’s Game Continue? Or, did Orson Scott kill the franchise?

While it got pretty good reviews, Ender’s Game didn’t open to the big box office many had hoped for, and it looks like the saga will pretty much end here. Or will it?

In-between his busy schedule of going on hombophobic and anti-Obama rants, Orson Scott Card has said he’s writing more installments of Ender’s Game, and Giant Freakin Robot has also reported that the story could continue on television. Jon Feltheimer, the CEO of Lionsgate, has said that the company will wait a week or two before deciding whether to make another movie, but a TV show is indeed being considered as an option. 

Lionsgate is definitely looking to corner the YA market after the peak of Twilight. They have The Hunger Games, along with Divergent coming next year, and they were certainly hoping to launch another franchise with Ender’s Game as well. It may not happen at the theaters, but a TV show could be a good solution too.

There’s a lot of Ender’s Game stories, and a TV show could tell the saga over a longer, less expensive story arc, than a film series. And if a TV show winds up being a hit, perhaps it could reignite interest in doing more movies, much like the Star Trek films helped re-launch the saga on TV. 

So we’ll definitely be watching to see if Ender’s Game can continue. We certainly had high hopes for it because it had a big built in audience of fans, and considering so many movies have second lives in the home video market, maybe it will indeed find an audience down the road.