Samuel L. Jackson and John Cusack Fighting Cell Phone Terror

John Cusack and Samuel L Jackson, together again. Both actors are great, and it’s odd to think about them working together, but they have indeed worked before in the acclaimed Stephen King adaptation 1408.

Now they’re both back, for another King adapation ironically, his 2006 novel Cell. As a long time hater of cell phones, I love the fact that King wrote a horror story about them, and now the film is up and running again with both stars in the lead.

Years back, Eli Roth (Hostel) was going to direct Cell from a script from Larry Karaszewski and Scott Alexander (Ed Wood), but then Roth got butt-hurt over the lukewarm reception of Hostel 2, and swore off making horror films in a huff. Now Cell will be directed by Tod “Kip Williams (Paranormal Activity 2) and production will begin in January.

As Variety tells us, the film is being shopped at the American Film Market for distribution. King wrote his own script this time with help from Adam Alleca, who penned the reboot of Last House on the Left. 

So the Stephen King adaptations are still coming after all these years, and again, being anti-cell phone, I’m looking forward to this one for sure. The fact that Jackson and Cusack are going to be working together again is some really nice icing on the cake.