Battlestar Galactica Creator Ron Moore is Back With Helix

When a Battlestar Galactica reboot was announced, who thought it was the lamest idea they’d ever heard? Come on, raise your hands, don’t be shy. For me especially, it was a tell-tale sign Hollywood was really out of ideas. Little did we know that Rob Moore would reinvent the franchise, and turn it into one of the best science fiction shows in years.

Since the Galactica reboot ran its course, Moore’s been working on two new shows, Helix and Outlander, and Giant Freakin Robot couldn’t help but point out that Helix looks a bit like The Thing. This makes sense because Moore was going to do a mini-series reboot of the 1982 classic at one point. 

And indeed, the more Robot describes Helix, a bunch of people in the Artic, mysterious black goo that could lead to an outbreak, it does indeed sound like The Thing. (Maybe he just tweaked his Thing script a bit and turned it into something new?) 

Outlander is a much more different concept: an 18th century time travel story that has historical drama and romance throughout a span of several centuries. Helix will make its debt on the SyFy channel on January 10, and Outlander will appear on Starz in early ’14 as well. 

Here’s a teaser trailer for Helix: