Batman Vs Superman Starts Shooting This Weekend

We know, we know, we hear you loud and clear. We know that many of you, ourselves included, aren’t nuts about Batman Vs Superman. In fact, it’s the current fanboy whipping boy, and it’s still a year and a half away from release.

Still, we’ll be following developments on B V S closely, because who knows? It may actually turn out to be a good movie. We’re not holding our breath, but again, you never know. And the latest news is that B V S will begin filming in Los Angeles this weekend.

B V S has a release date of July 17, 2015, so it doesn’t have to actually get rolling until early next year, and as Variety reports, neither Henry Cavill (Superman), or Ben Affleck (who’s playing you know who) won’t be available until the end of the year. But as The Wrap reports, the movie will shoot a scene this Saturday at East Los Angeles College, what’s being called “B-roll” footage, at the school’s football stadium. 

This location will become Gotham City University, and the football team will be fighting Metropolis State University. The shoot will happen during the real football team’s half-time. Extras will be costumed in black and gold, which are the colors of Gotham University, and the football team in The Dark Knight Rises wore the same colors as well before Bane blew up the stadium. 

So now Batman Vs Superman has officially begun, and we’ll be watching all further developments from here.