Infiltrating Disney Undercover With Escape From Tomorrow

When you make a movie, you can’t just show up somewhere and start shooting. You usually need permits, and a lot of low budget filmmakers used to make movies without them, shoot and run style. However, with camera equipment getting smaller and easier to conceal, it’s probably easier than ever to shoot things under the radar, which is what somebody did at the Magic Kingdom. 

Word has been going around about a movie that was shot in Disney World guerilla style called Escape From Tomorrow, and it’s finally seeing the light of day, which indeed is quite a miracle considering Disney is well known for litigation. It’s apparently about a guy who starts losing his mind on a Disney World vacation, and sees demonic visions in It’s a Small World, along with Disney princesses transforming into hookers. 

Director Randy Moore loved Disney World growing up, and the star of the film, Roy Abramsohn, told the Daily Beast, “It sounded exciting, but I never thought it could get made. I asked, ‘What happens when a team of Disney lawyers descend on your home and force you to hand over the movie?’ Rand said, ‘I don’t know…I just want to make it.’” 

Moore got a season’s pass for both Disney World and Disneyland for the shoot, and shot the film with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera. (Abramsohn also did some shots himself.) The film took 14 shooting days at Disneyland, and 11 days at Disney World. The film ultimately cost $650,000 to make, and we wonder if from here on out Disney will keep a watchful eye on everyone wandering around with a camera at the park.