Archie Gets Zombified

There’s zombies everywhere we look these days, and it’s been funny to see classic literature like Pride and Prejudice being redone with the undead. We just reported that George Romero will be doing a zombie comic with Marvel, Empire of the Dead, and now zombies will be invading Archie’s hometown of Riverdale.

Maybe this is taking the whole zombie thing too far. Archie’s a sweet, nice, loveable character who has been around since 1939. Why bring in zombies to a wholesome brand like this? As ABC News reports, this is the first Archie comic that’s rated for teens and up, and as writer Robert Aguiree-Sacasa says, “It’s a hardcore horror book.” 

Apparently it’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch who causes the undead to rise, and an executive for Archie Comics says this is Archie’s Walking Dead. Jughead’s also a zombie in this one, and it’s fitting because he’s always eating. 

It’s a funny idea to cross pollinate Archie with zombies, but it does seem a little far out of this comic’s wheelhouse. Then again, maybe some zombies in Riverdale could really help shake things up for Halloween. The comic, which is entitled Afterlife With Archie, is now available in stores.