$75 Million Was Offered For More Episodes of Breaking Bad

So Breaking Bad is finally done, and while Britney Spears and Oliver Stone weren’t nuts about how it all ended, the ratings were huge, and the fans seem satisfied. Every show has to come to an end, except maybe The Simpsons and Sixty Minutes, and it’s good idea for a show to get out while it’s still on top of its game. 

Yet there’s now reports that mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg was willing to offer $75 million to keep the show going in webisodes. Katzenberg, founder of DreamWorks and a former executive for Paramount and Disney, reportedly wanted to create “the greatest pay-per-view event in scripted television ever.”

$75 million for 180 minutes of new material is certainly a nice payday, and Katzenberg said, “There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that millions of people would have downloaded those episodes.” 

Hey, we all want good things to go on forever, who doesn’t? But if a show can wrap up well, and leave the fans satisfied, it’s certainly better than keeping something going long past its prime.