Godzilla’s Coming Back, Bigger Than Ever

Back in 1998, you may recall that Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin followed up their smash ID4 with a redo of Godzilla, which was dreadful. Now a new Godzilla movie, directed by Gareth Edwards, is coming next year, and apparently the new look of Godzilla has been revealed.

A teaser trailer for the movie got out online, and most sites have already been ordered to take it down, but some photos have gotten out, and we think the big G doesn’t look too bad. It’s definitely a more modern looking Godzilla, and the early trailer we saw looked pretty cool too.

While the new reincarnation of this classic monster is taking a more serious approach, we do hope it doesn’t take itself TOO seriously, because that could end up killing off the fun of the movie. Or who knows? Maybe Godzilla can be genuinely scary and terrifying, and make us forget about the sillier Godzilla movies we grew up on.

Either way, we definitely want to check out the new model Godzilla when it’s ready next year. We especially hope the powers that be will finally get it right, and there will be more Godzillas to come. He’s clearly a franchise character, and if the new Godzilla’s in the right spirit, we’re sure he’ll be welcomed back with open arms.