Director Marc Foster’s Not Coming Back For World War Z 2

Despite the deadly word of mouth from all corners, World War Z has pretty much come out on top. It did well in theaters, and it’s also cleaning up on DVD, BluRay and streaming. There’s still serious consideration over a sequel, but there’s one major player involved in World War Z that won’t be coming back.

No, it’s not Brad Pitt, he bought the rights to the project for his production company, Plan B, and if anyone’s going to give the sequel the big push it needs to get made, it will be him. Giant Freakin Robot reports its director Marc Foster who won’t be coming back for a second round. 

Before Z came out, the movie got a lot of bad press, and many pointed to Foster for the movie’s schedule and budget overruns. The guy isn’t a rookie. He’s the director of Monster’s Ball, The Kite Runner, and Quantum of Solace, but he apparently had a lot of trouble taking on a movie of this size and scope. 

Giant Freakin Robot reports that during the production Foster and Pitt had hard times, and they weren’t speaking to each other as the production came to a close. But as far as a sequel, Pitt told the Hollywood Reporter, “We are talking about it. We are going to investigate a script. We have a lot of ideas we will cull from. Nobody is writing just yet, but we are compiling our ideas.”