The Ends of Breaking Bad and Lost

If you haven’t seen the last episode of Breaking Bad yet, we certainly will not spoil it, but the reviews and fan reactions were very favorable. It also inspired screenwriter Damon Lindelof to come to terms with the ending of a show he created: Lost.

The last episode of Bad was a ratings blockbuster, and when the show wrapped up as well as it did, Lindelof apparently got bombarded with tweets that criticized how he brought Lost to an end. Lindelof responded via the Hollywood Reporter, where he wrote, “I’m still naïve enough to believe I can attain some level of redemption.”

Yet, no matter how much some fans didn’t dig the end of Lost, Lindeloff stands by it. “It’s the story we wanted to tell, and we told it. No excuses. No apologies. I look back on it as fondly as I look back on the process of writing the whole show. And while I’ll always care what you think, I can’t be a slave to it anymore.” 

As Giant Freakin Robot reminds us, it’s been three years since Lost went off the air, and it’s amazing how some fans can’t get over how it ended after all this time. As we’ve previously written on TGD, a lot of great shows have ended very badly, and the recent end to Dexter wasn’t well received either, but it’s ultimately how a show did overall that’s important. Yes, the Sopranos ending was horrible, but by and large the show was great, although it did overstay its welcome by a few years. 

We all coulda, shoulda, woulda in life, and Lindelof has agonized over the Lost ending as well. Now he’s stopped agonizing over it, and like Freakin Robot reminds us, it’s just a TV show, ya know?