There Will Be Star Wars? Is Daniel Day Lewis Up For a Role?

There’s so many Star Wars rumors out there, you often feel like they could fill a set of encyclopedias, let alone a book. Want to read the latest? Of course you do.

First of all, we at TGD were quite surprised to see the rumor on Giant Freakin Robot that our finest living actor, none other than Daniel Day Lewis, could be up for a role. This rumor was first floated by Latino Review, who claim that Lewis recently had lunch with George Lucas himself, and producer Kathleen Kennedy, who currently runs the LucasFilm empire. 

Even if Lewis is a closet Star Wars fan, he’s always been very picky with his career choices. But again, you never know. He was a fan of the Adam Sandler movie Punch Drunk Love, which is why he agreed to star in There Will Be Blood. On the other hand, he also turned down the king of Hollywood, Steven Spielberg when he was approached to play Lincoln before finally agreeing to do it.  

As Ben Kingsley and Ian McKellen have shown, even the most serious of actors would probably love to cut loose and star in a genre film. Could Daniel Day Lewis possibly have the same urge? 

Giant Freakin Robot has also reported that a Star Wars series could now be back in the works, thanks to enormous success of SHIELD on ABC. This would give us even more Star Wars spin offs, and the whole idea from the get go was to make as many Star Wars stories as possible. Star Wars is certainly a big universe, and we’re curious to see how much bigger it’s going to get in the next few years.