Software Mogul Fugitive John McAfee: Still Crazy After All These Years

Anyone familiar with the crazy saga of John McAfee can tell you the guy might not be playing with a full deck. The former programmer for NASA who developed the first anti-virus program, he’s also been on the run for some time in connection of the murder of his neighbor in the jungle compound of Belize.

There’s already a biopic in the works about McAfee that will be written by the screenwriting team of Larry Karaszewski and Scott Alexander (Ed Wood, The People Vs Larry Flynt), and now McAfee has resurfaced, telling the C2SV Silicon Valley conference he’s planning a new company, along with a plan to make your computer unhackable.

As ABC News tells us, McAfee said, “We don’t have much [security] anymore, and certainly not in the online world. If you can give me just any small amount of information about yourself, I promise you, within three days, I can turn on the camera on your computer at home and watch whatever you’re doing.” 

McAfee, paranoid as ever, claimed the federal government probably won’t allow him to sell his new product, which has the working title D-Central, but he call always sell it to Japan or China. “I’ll sell it in Russia, I’ll go to the Third World. This is coming and it can’t be stopped.” 

Again, please remember this guy may be a few cans short of a six-pack these days, and who knows where and when the insane saga of John McAfee will finally end up? It will certainly make a hell of a movie one day if it gets the greenlight in Hollywood, and we’re sure we’re far from the last act.