Will Michael B Jordan Replace Will Smith in ID4?

We’ve been reporting here on TGD for some time about the sequels to ID4, which Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin hope to get up and running soon. There’s been some debate as to whether Will Smith will come back or not, or whether or not Emmerich and Devlin can afford him. (Smith wants $25 million per sequel, or $50 mil for the whole shebang.) 

Now a report on The Wrap tells us Smith may be replaced by Michael B. Jordan. This is obviously not the legendary basketball star, Fox probably wouldn’t be able to afford him either, but the star from Chronicle, who may be coming in to replace Big Willie.

The Wrap adds that “Jordan has not yet received an offer, nor does one seem imminent,” and that “official casting news [is] expected closer to the holidays.” Still, this report says Jordan “is high on the studio’s list.” 

In addition to potentially starring in ID4, Jordan is also up to play the Human Torch in the reboot of The Fantastic Four. If the ID4 sequels go forward, we’d be curious to see if Fox will try to get them out in 2015, which will be a big genre year with Star Wars, Avengers 2, Batman Vs Superman, and more.