Joss Whedon Says No More Buffy

Joss Whedon’s getting ready to embark on Avengers 2, which will start shooting in England next January. The fans would love to see him return to Firefly one day, but what about Buffy? 

Well, as Joss told Entertainment Weekly in a lengthy interview, Buffy’s pretty much done. When Veronica Mars got resurrected by a Kickstarter campaign, many were hoping Joss would use it to bring back Firefly, and as far as reviving Buffy, “Right now, it can’t be done. Everybody’s working. I have often said I would love to get the crew back together.”

But Whedon added, “There’s another side of that. There’s the Monkey’s Paw fear of even if it’s just as good, it won’t be as good, because it will be just as good, and it’s already been new, so you won’t have that. Now everybody is like, ‘Are you going to remake Buffy?’ My blanket answer is ‘No.’ It’s not a question I’m interested in hearing again, which is why I quit my other job – Twitter.” 

Whedon has also said he won’t do a future Star Wars movie, although he was a very obvious first choice, but he also added he “can’t say for sure” he’d turn down a Boba Fett movie, “because that’s a tasty morsel.” As we know, there will be Star Wars spin off films, including a possible Yoda and young Han Solo stories. But as Whedon continues, “Right now my heart doesn’t go that way.”