Horror Still Number One at the Box Office

As a big horror fan, it’s great to see the genre is still doing well, even if the movies these days leave a lot to be desired. While the genre has always had big peaks and valleys, right now it’s still on top at the box office, as Insidious 2 has proven. 

As The Hollywood Reporter tells us, Insidious 2 “frightened awake the sleepy fall box office,” taking in $41 million. Not bad for a movie that cost $5 million to make. It’s the second biggest September opening of all time, with #1 being Hotel Transylvania. 

Not that the latest Insidious movie got particularly good reviews, but the horror genre has also been famously critic-proof. If people want to go see it, it doesn’t matter in a million years what the critics think. 

The genre may hit a snag coming up with the remake of Carrie, which just looks like a movie karaoke version of the original 1976 classic. It will probably have a good opening weekend, then go down the toilet from there. But we at TGD have little doubt that horror will keep marching on. We also hope they’ll be some good horror movies out there one of these days. (For those who are tired of all the remakes and sequels, give Cabin In the Woods another look, an original horror movie that delivers the goods.)