No Justin Bieber in Superman Vs Batman (Thank God)

Superman Vs Batman already has so many strikes against it, does anybody really have to make it any worse? A cruel joke went around the ‘net that Justin Bieber was reading the script in the hopes of playing Robin, and thank God this isn’t true, otherwise it’s a sure sign of the apocalypse. 

As Vulture reports, an Instagram picture went around with Bieber posing with what looked like a copy of the script. The script had BIEBER stamped on it, and it looked fairly worn. The caption that freaked all of us said: “#robin??” 

Thankfully this was all confirmed as a joke, not that we were belibers to begin with. The Bieb himself tweeted, “Off to do something funny or…die  : ).” 

BTW, it should mentioned there may not even be a script for the movie right now. Many times with today’s blockbusters, even if you’re a big, A-list actor, you have to read the script at the director’s office, and you’re not allowed to take a copy home. (Even the biggest actors on superhero films are often only allowed to read their parts, and this is done to prevent the entire script from leaking.) 

Again, as we can’t reiterate enough, we’re not nuts about a Superman Vs Batman movie to begin with, and so much work has been done to redeem Batman at the movies, why throw it all away? Still, we’d love to be proven wrong with all of this, and will be just as surprised as anyone if it all turns out okay, we’re just not holding our breath on it.