Metallica to Work on New Album In New Year

Metallica’s concert film, Through the Never, is nearly upon us. It will receive the biggest IMAX opening release on October 27, and will spread out to more theaters after that. Seeing Metallica in IMAX 3D sounds like a great proposition, but how about another album?

As long time fans of Metallica know, they take their time in-between albums, and it’s been a while since they put out their last one, Death Magnetic, in 2008. Metallica’s bassist Robert Trujillo told Blabbermouth that the band has indeed been sidetracked from working on a new album because of the demands of the Never movie. 

“Obviously for next year, our priority has to be making a new record,” he says. “We’ve been detoured from that through the course of the year.” As Trujillo says, the band has “a stockpile of riffs,” but none of them have been shaped into songs yet. 

“In 2014, it’ll be all about getting new music,” Trujillo continued. “Without any interruptions, hopefully.” 

When Metallica’s new album is finally ready, it will be through their own label, Blackened Recordings. Metallica’s deal with Elektra finally ended in 2012, and they now have full control of their musical destiny. (The band owns their master tapes, which Harmonix worked from when they did the Metallica Guitar Hero game.)