Should There Be a Sequel to World War Z?

Many predicted that World War Z would suffer the same fate as After Earth and The Lone Ranger. In other words, everyone was convinced it would wind up a complete box office disaster. While World War Z wasn’t a hit on the level of say, Iron Man 3, and it could still take time before it earns a profit, it dodged a bullet and actually did fairly well all things considered. 


So now there’s talk of a sequel for World War Z, even though the first movie was a very tough, and very expensive, project to pull off. Vulture reported back in June that Paramount is definitely interested in a sequel, and Brad Pitt also told Vulture, “We’re certainly talking about it, yes. We have so many ideas on the table from the time we spent developing this thing and figuring out how the zombie worlds work. We gotta get the script right first to determine if we go further.”

Good idea Brad, definitely get that script in shape before you start rolling. Trying to redo the entire third act from scratch is not a smart maneuver. The powers that be behind another World War Z may also may want to scale down a bit. After all, George Romero could convince you the earth has been swarmed with zombies without having to step out of his Pittsburgh backyard, and he’s repeatedly proven it doesn’t take hundreds of millions of dollars to convince the world that zombies could indeed be deathly real either.