Ant-Man To Arrive Summer 2015

Ant-Man is part of Marvel’s next phase of movies, and its estimated time of arrival will be 2015, which is shaping up to be one busy year for genre movies. In case you’ve been living under a rock, 2015 will see the release of the JJ Abrams directed Star Wars, Batman Vs Superman, and Avengers 2. 


Now The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Ant-Man will be coming July 31, 2015, moving up from its previous release date of November 6. This will follow Batman Vs Superman, which has a July 17, 2015, and Avengers 2 is still on target for a May 1, 2015 release.

Those who are unaware of Ant-Man, or who confuse him with the cartoon Atom Ant, may think the idea of a tiny superhero is a goof, and with Wright at the helm there will certainly be some humor to the proceedings. After all, we can’t take this superhero stuff TOO seriously, but as a true genre fan, we also know that Wright will treat the little guy with respect, and hopefully deliver a wonderfully atypical Marvel feature. 

As to who will play Ant-Man, the obvious choice would be Simon Pegg, who has long been part of Wright’s ensemble, but again, fanboy wishful thinking. We’ll wait for an official announcement, and are looking forward to seeing Ant-Man on the march in 2015.