Oblivion Director to Head Into The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone has never gone away, and there’s been another feature length Twilight Zone movie in the works for some time. Now it may be closer to getting made with the director of Oblivion, Joseph Kosinski.


As Variety tells us, this movie has been in the works since 2009, and it will be one story told feature length. Leonardo DiCaprio is also producing the film through his production company, Appian Way. Reports tell us that this could be a time travel story, and the Twilight Zone did quite a few of those, but there’s no word whether it will be in color or black and white yet. 

At one point, Matt Reeves, who directed Cloverfield, was on board to helm the TZ movie, and now Kosinski is the latest name thrown in the ring. While we at TGD are big fans of the Twilight Zone, and love the fact that it’s still as popular as ever, we definitely have mixed feelings about a TZ movie in the works.

The Twilight Zone worked in a limited time frame, and when the episodes went up to hour length, they didn’t work. (Look at how M. Night Shyamalan has tried to stretch too many Twilight Zone style premises into feature length movies that didn’t work.) Still, we’re wishing this one luck, and we hope somebody can reinvent the Twilight Zone on the same level as, say, Star Trek. That would be cool if anyone can figure out a way to do so, and we’ll definitely keep our fingers crossed.