Do We Need Another Night of the Living Dead Remake? (And in 3D?)

Zombies are still hot in the zeitgeist, so unfortunately the announcement there could be another remake of Night of the Living Dead doesn’t surprise us too much. We’ve been hoping for some time that the horror remake trend would be done by now, but there’s sure to be a few still slipping out here and there until the public finally turns their back on them for good. (Or so we hope.)

As Giant Freakin Robot tells us, Simon West, who gave us Con-Air, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and as well as, unfortunately, The General’s Daughter, and the remake of When a Stranger Calls, is slated to remake Night of the Living Dead in 3D with a cast that will include Tony Todd, Tom Sizemore, and Bill Mosley, among other horror and C-list alumni.

Zombies in 3D could be cool, at least while both the zombie and 3D trends are still around, but we’d prefer something not connected to the original George Romero classic. Stand on your own two feet guys, don’t ride the Night of the Living Dead coat tails. The original’s still damn scary, and like most remakes, we don’t see how they could improve this, nor do we see making it 3D any significant improvement.

Then again, it’s like what Stephen King always used to say. People would ask how did he feel about Hollywood “ruining” his books. King would then reply they haven’t ruined his books because they’re on the shelves behind him, and you can read them if you want. “They haven’t done anything to my books.”

The point being his books will always be exactly how he wrote them, and Night of the Living Dead will always be a great movie, no matter how many tired remakes come down the conveyor belt.