Report: Vevo wants a 24-7 music channel for Apple TV

Internet music video platform Vevo is reportedly working on a dedicated app that would act as an “always on” 24-7 music channel for Apple TV owners.

According to AdAge (via AppleInsider), the app should allow Vevo to further monetize its platform by selling advertisements specifically tailored for television, instead of focusing an “Internet-only” paradigm.

Industry heavyweights Adidas, McDonald’s, Red Bull and State Farm are currently advertisers on Vevo’s recently released Vevo TV platform, which is probably best described as a “linear music channel” with a preset playlist.

“If and when Vevo launches the supposed app, it will likely be in the form of Vevo TV, meaning Apple TV users will have access to a channel serving up nothing but music 24 hours a day,” AppleInsider explained. “Currently, the service can be found on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and the Roku set-top streamer. “

It should be noted that Vevo has already coded apps for a number of mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.