Comic Con Cool

So this summer’s Comic Con has already come and gone, and forget Sharknado, this was Geeknado sweeping through San Diego. We at TGD like to call Comic Con geek ground zero, and it’s always a major event when it comes around. 


There’s always going to be amazing events and panels that come to Comic Con, so what were the high points this year? According to Vulture, the “Best-Kept Secret” of the event was the Batman / Superman team up that was officially announced this weekend. Joss Whedon also revealed the plotline of the next Avengers movie, which will be called The Age of Ultron. 

In addition, everyone’s still talking about the X-Files reunion, where Gillian Anderson claimed there’s a Mulder and Scully sex scene that was never used. “We shot it,” she said. “It’s somewhere.” Anderson also said she’d come back for a revival of the show, but not another movie. 

Vulutre dug the fact that Andrew Garfield showed up in his Spider-Man garb, and Tom Hiddleston showing up dressed as Loki also thrilled the geeks to no end. The X-Men Days of Future Past panel got high marks, and Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, and Hugh Jackman all came down to meet the geek elite. 

Not to mention a trailer for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who special was screened, which Vulture wrote “should please Whovians everywhere.” In this regard, director Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead) said of his next comedy, The World’s End, “if you’ve ever watched Doctor Who and thought it would be funnier if the Doctor was really hammered, this is the movie for you.” They should use that for the movie’s tagline actually…