Ender’s Game trailer hits along with Star Trek Into Darkness

It’s one of the most anticipated science fiction franchises to come along in years, and even the mose serious entertainment reporter can’t help but geek out about Ender’s Game.

Based on the 1985 novel by Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Game promises to be a big movie when it’s finally released on November 1 because of its strong, and loyal fanbase that has been waiting for it forever. 

The trailer was first shown at the CinemaCon convention in Las Vegas, and Alex Billington, who writes for firsthsowing.net, was blown away: “Holy sh*t does it look epic.” Billington also adds that with the debut Enders Gam trailer, Lionsgate “spared nothing and went all out, showing a LOT of footage, including battle scenes…It looked unbelievably epic…”

The trailer also begins with a voiceover from Harrison Ford, who plays Colonel Graff, and he reminds his young student in Battle School, “If you succeed, you will be remembered as a hero.” As Yahoo tells us, Ford was also on hand to help promote the film, and he said, “I was attracted to it not just for the scale of it and the power of it visually, but there’s a great human story here.”

As the site neontommy.com reports, Card discussed the movie adaptation of Enders Game at the UCLA Festival of Books, and there have been hopes of turning it into a movie since the 1985 publication. But Card wasn’t so easily wooed by Hollywood. 

“I became a problem in that we could not sign any deal unless I agreed to certain conditions about [the movie] being true to the story. It’s the story of Ender as someone you would follow into battle and give your life for, and if you don’t feel that way, there’s no movie. That’s when I realized the story is about the relationship between Ender and the other kids.”

Card continued, “Every book I’ve written was the best I could do with a story that I really cared about and believed in. Likewise, this film will be the best that good people could do with a story they really cared about and believed in.”

Look for the trailer for Ender’s Game to play before Star Trek Into Darkness, which opens on May 17.