Who will compose the score for JJ Abrams’s Star Wars?

There are many directors who have worked in tandem with composers throughout their careers. Alfred Hitchcock had Bernard Herrmann, Sergio Leone had Ennio Morricone, and John Williams has also been the right hand man for Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, creating the unforgettable scores for Jaws and Star Wars.


Williams, along with many others in Hollywood, have volunteered to be part of the new Star Wars, which JJ Abrams is helming for a 2015 release, and considering how much he made the 1977 original soar with his music, John’s talents have always been a crucial component to the saga. But the question is will Abrams have his own composer for the new Star Wars, or will Williams indeed return?

While it’s too early to tell with this, it’s a given that the music will have to at least reference the work of Williams, especially his heroic theme that opens the film. (The Darth Vader march is also always welcome.) And let’s face it, there’s certain musical motifs that will always be a part of Star Wars, otherwise it just wouldn’t be Star Wars.

Yet as Giant Robot reminds us, Abrams, like a lot of filmmakers, has collaborators he’s comfortable working with on his own projects, and his main music man is composer Michael Giacchino.

Giacchino has been working with Abrams since 2001, and some speculate he could be doing the next Star Wars score. So Freakin Robot and the site TrekMovie have reported Giacchino’s response to all this, which is as follows:

“One of the things that excites me most about Star Wars coming back is [the] chance to hear a John Williams score. He has been a great inspiration to me over the years. He has been a great teacher to me and good friend and I would love nothing more than to hear more of his music from that universe…so if it were up to me I would say, ‘John, you must do it.’”

Again, it’s all much too early to even guess who will be on JJ’s team with the next Star Wars film, but it would definitely be great to see what Williams could come up with to Abrams’s vision of the saga, as well as bringing back his all-time classic music he composed for the saga way back in the 70’s.