This gigantic LEGO alien city has 200,000 bricks

Quite a lot of us never really gave up building with our beloved Lego bricks. Then again, most of probably never spent the time or effort designing a gigantic custom project.

However, that is precisely what Mike Doyle did with his enormous Lego alien city which boasts a staggering 200,000 bricks.

The city is incredibly impressive and painstakingly detailed, with a huge number of buildings arrayed around what appears to be a granite mountain with plenty of greenery and little red roofed houses.

Floating in the space around the city are numerous small spacecraft. The finished model is 5 feet high and 6 feet wide. Doyle calls the project “The Millennial Celebration of the Eternal Choir at K’al Yne, Odan.”

Frankly, I can’t imagine the amount of time it took Doyle to piece together the incredibly intricate and massive model.

You may find yourself thinking you would like to take on something as epic as this, and if you support Doyle via his alien city’s project page on Kickstarter you can get a bit help from the Lego master himself creating your own replica city. A pledge of five dollars or more will get you downloadable model building instructions so you can make your own city.

If you pledge $13 more you will get yourself some 4 x 6 archival prints, $30 more a larger set of prints, and $35 or more a kit for one of the model buildings with five available ranging in size from 220 pieces to 3000 pieces. Pledges go all the way up to $610 and at that amount you’ll receive three of the model kits including the Near Galactic Arts Museum, Sanctuary Gate, Dawn Residential Tower, and three large archival prints. The kits are estimated to ship in June.

Doyle was seeking just $1,000 via his Kickstarter project, yet with 47 days left to go he’s raised $4,034 already. And why not? The only other project I’ve seen in recent memory on this kind of scale is the Lego Hobbit Shire.