From The Walking Dead to demonic possession

The Walking Dead is still going like gangbusters, and wherever the zombie trend goes this year, the show should still stand strong for some time to come.

Zombies have proven to be great metaphors, especially for political issues, and this may be one reason why the undead are still popular to this day.


So what do you do when you’ve successfully conquered the world of zombies? What other worlds are there to conquer? Well, how about demonic possession? There have been several people who have conquered zombies successfully, but demonic possession’s a tough one. The Exorcist will always be the best possession film, and many have failed trying to top it. 

As Variety reports, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is indeed developing a show about exorcisms for Fox International Channels. This story is about someone who’s been possessed since he was a kid. But as Variety reports, his search to find the answer to his dilemma “could mean the end of life on Earth.” 

Much like the Walking Dead going from graphic novel to show, Kirkman has a new comic series for this story that will turn into the Fox series. Kirkman told Variety that Fox International Channels “have been instrumental in making The Walking Dead the worldwide success that it has become. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to continue working with this forward-thinking and extremely talented group.” 

Fox International Channels also proclaimed that this series could be “a reinvention of the genre.” Clearly a tough order to fill, but Walking Dead of course reinvented zombies, and it would be great if Kirkman’s new tale could reinvent the exorcism genre in a similar way. 

Again, exorcisms and possession stories are tough to do. Like Jaws with sharks, The Exorcist is still the ultimate take on demonic possession, so it’s great that Kirkman is going to try his own take on it, and if he can reinvent it and deliver something new and cool, we’ll be more than happy to check it out.