Star Trek Into Darkness and Evil Dead release dates moved up

When a movie is in serious trouble, its release date often gets pushed back. However, when a film’s release date is moved up, it can mean several things.

The studio could be confident they have a winner, a space opened up they want to take advantage of, or perhaps they want to compete with another film.

While we’re not sure if the new Evil Dead movie is any good or not, its release date has in fact been moved up to April 5. And while Star Trek Into Darkness is still under wraps, it’s absolutely going to be a major hit, and you’ll also be able to see it two days early in IMAX on May 15. 

As Collider notes, Evil Dead’s release date shuffle will pit the horror reboot against Jurassic Park in 3D, which may not be such a smart idea. A lot of times, movies will play a game of chicken to see who’s going back away from a release date first. That can’t possibly be the case here, because there’s no way a T-Rex is going to budge in a million years, and even though Jurassic Park is twenty years old, it should make a big splash in 3D. The new model Evil Dead will be making its debut at the SXSW Film Festival, which kicks off on March 8.

Meanwhile with Star Trek, it will indeed come out earlier on IMAX where Entertainment Weekly tells us it will set you back about $37 or so to see it in Imax 3D. Greg Foster, the chairman and president of IMAX, told the Hollywood Reporter, “As we saw with the reaction to the first nine minutes of the film, which debuted in our theaters in December, fans are clearly excited by the opportunity to see this epic film come to life in Imax.”

IMAX tickets for Star Trek are already on sale, and we’ll certainly be watching closely to see how fast they sell as the release date draws near. The new Trek is arguably the most anticipated genre film of the year, and considering its release is now just a few months away, the final verdict on how the movie is should be in before we know it. We anxiously await the first legit reviews, and will report on them as soon as they’re out in the world.