Video: AR TARDIS is bigger on the inside

Unofficial TARDIS model uses simple AR to achieve cool special effect.

The video game industry is only just starting to explore the possibilities of augmented reality technology. One use of the technology is to allow digital devices with cameras to show off hologram-like images in real space, which can only be seen via the device.

Mostly it’s still just a gimmick, letting baseball card collectors see 3D portraits of the players or having gamers find their Pokémons and other collectable monsters laying around in the real world.

When Doctor Who fan and blogger Greg Kumparak decided to build his own scale model of the TARDIS from the show, he used commercially available AR software to make the little box appear bigger on the inside. To this end, he mapped a simple 3D model of the 10th Doctor’s TARDIS control room – which he created himself – to a timey-wimey wave pattern, so that, when viewed through the software, it appears that the control room exists within the box.

You can see the creator explain it better himself in this video:

There is also a good look at the process, and some of the decisions he had to make along the way, over on his blog, where he plans on detailing some other interesting DIY projects. Too bad he can’t sell these, as I’m sure there would be a huge market for this kind of AR toy, especially since almost all AR toys that are currently on the market are rather childish.

Maybe this simple one-off personal fan project will give some ideas to the Doctor Who merchandizing team.