Redbox Instant wants to take on Netflix

There are currently several streaming services on the VoD market including Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Hulu. Competition is obviously a good thing, as it helps drive prices down and increase available content. So we’re definitely looking forward to learning more about Verizon’s Redbox Instant which is powered by Silverlight.

The service is tipped to launch as early as December 17 and will roll out on launch with apps already coded for Android, iOS and the Xbox 360. The service is reportedly priced at a cool $6 per month and is currently in private beta, according to Gigaom

Although the service is currently limited to beta testers, a massive help section for beta testers is apparently available on the web that offers up some basic detail about the new streaming platform. 

As noted above, Redbox Instant starts at six dollars per month and offers users unlimited access to an extensive video catalogue. Users can also opt for an $8 monthly membership that provides unlimited access to streaming content and four Redbox credits for physical DVD rentals and kiosks.

As expected, subscribers of the streaming service will be able to reserve DVDs from the Instant streaming website and from the mobile apps. Unfortunately, none of the DVD rental credits roll over to the next month so they are use them or lose them propositions.

Redbox Instant is also slated to offer video-on-demand rentals and digital copy sales starting at $.99.  Customers will be able to register up to five devices to access the service including Android, iOS, the Xbox 360, and select Samsung TVs and Blu-ray players.