Hilarious Star Wars parody takes on The Force (and Disney)

The next Star Wars film is three years away, yet there is already a new parody of Disney’s take on the Lucas space opera.

Parodies of Star Wars have been with us since the beginning of the series, starting with Lucas’s personal favorite, Hardware Wars, which played as a short subject in movie theaters for years. 

With Disney buying Lucasfilm, you knew there would be parodies. There have certainly been tons of pictures all over the ‘Net of Mickey Mouse and other famous Walt creations hanging with Lucas and the Star Wars characters. Now a comedy troupe called BarelyPolitical has put together a pretty impressive goof on Star Wars that’s definitely got some good laughs, and I absolutely give it an A for effort.

The parody begins with an actor with pillows stuffed under his shirt, resembling the modern, more portly Lucas. (Funny enough, he also resembles Howard the Duck a bit as well). This faux Lucas has a folder on his desk that reads: CLASSIC FILMS TO RUIN. After a brief preamble, we then see what Star Wars is going to look like once the Magic Kingdom gets its hands on it.

There’s a journey inside Herbie the Love Bug with Captain Hook, and a stuffed lion that’s supposed to be Scar from The Lion King. There’s a musical number with Lumiere, the candlestick from Beauty and the Beast, which reminds me a bit of the kind of musical magic the South Park guys come up with. And there’s a right on target impersonation of a grumpy old Harrison Ford that’s especially funny. You hear Princess Leia in the background enticing him to get off the couch and come to bed, promising to wear her metal bikini, a punch line that totally made the scene for me.

All in all, we at TG salute this Star Wars parody, which clearly took a lot of work to put together, and it’s ultimately very clever and well performed. We also hope there will be future chapters of this parody, as the Star Wars universe is indeed vast, and there’s plenty of room for more fun within its reaches.