Video: Angry Birds Star Wars trailer goes live

Angry Birds, coded by the Finnish-based Rovio, is easily one of the most popular games on any mobile platform.

The studio continues to offer updates with fresh levels and release new games that rack up high marks, stellar reviews and are downloaded in droves. And as you may recall, Rovio recently announced a spinoff from its classic Angry Birds franchise dubbed Bad Piggies.

Of course, Rovio has another new Angry Birds game in the works, and this one is based on Star Wars. No matter how you feel about George Lucas and his never ending urge to merchandise Star Wars to the gills, we both know you’re going to download this game.

The title’s official launch is set for November 8, and Rovio has unveiled the first official game playing trailer for the video game. The trailer starts off with a bored Princess Leia bird watching a Luke Skywalker bird show off with his light saber. After that the actual game play starts.

When you launch the Luke Skywalker bird, it can spin its light saber to help destroy blocks and take out the pigs. The trailer also shows the Princess Leia bird firing lasers at the feet of an AT-AT.

The background music is apparently from the Mos Eisley Cantina. I even like the image you see at the top the story with the gigantic Wookiee bird sipping on a drink. There are also images of a Han Solo bird and an Obi-Wan Kenobi bird. I guess it’s safe to assume multiple Star Wars characters will make appearances, if only as cameos, during the course of the game.