Xbox users said Biden won VP debate

Of the undecided voters who watched Thursday night’s vice presidential debate, more people chose incumbent Joe Biden as the winner of the night.

However, even with more votes than Ryan, Biden didn’t manage to eclipse 50% of the viewers. 44.1% said Biden won the debate, with 22.9% saying Ryan did, but a whopping 33.0% felt it was just a wash.

These numbers are based on the Xbox 360’s live stream of the VP debate, which allowed users to participate in interactive polls throughout the course of the slightly-over-90-minute campaign battle.

“There were well-over 800,000 individual responses to poll questions, and the level of engagement among Xbox LIVE users was extremely high, with over 30,000 responses to each of the questions posed,” said Xbox Live spokesperson Larry Hryb.

Biden was a clearer winner in the question of who would be better prepared to serve as president if something happened to the Commander in Chief. 53.7% chose Biden, while only 21% said Ryan.

Along with announcing these statistics, Hryb confirmed that there would be more video content coming to the presidential election channel of Xbox Live. Clips from The Daily Show and The Colbert Report will be added to the existing slate of content from NCBC News, Rock the Vote, and YouGov, all admittedly with a slant to the left.

Obviously these polls are not scientific, and the segment of politically-aware gamers is probably not a cross-section of the entire country, but it is interesting to see the results.