New Avengers 2 character revealed

Ms. Marvel may join the superhero team on its second outing.

We already know that Marvel Studios plans to introduce more team members to the Avengers roster for the second film, but this is the first we’ve heard anything that sounds like confirmation of who that will be. We know who it wont be for sure, as Spider-man, the Fantastic Four, and all of the X-Men are owned by other studios, but Marvel does currently hold the film rights to Dare Devil, whom they just got the rights back for; the Wasp, who was planned for the first film and got cut; War Machine, who has been in the Iron Man films already, and Ant-Man – who has a film coming up sometime, and was a founding member of the original Avengers, all of which have been discussed in previous rumors. None of them have been confirmed.

Instead we got what seems almost like a slip of information which came through as a side-note in another article in the gossip magazine Daily Mail. In an article about fashion designer Stella McCartney failing to sell her multi-million dollar apartment, it was mentioned that ” British actresses Emily Blunt and Ruth Wilson are head-to-head in a race for the most sought-after new female role in Hollywood.” Saying that both are “hotly tipped” for the role of Major Carol Danvers in Avengers 2.

In the Avengers books, Danvers was a U.S. Air Force pilot, who was exposed to radiation from a Kree weapon during the Avenger’s war with the alien race (which somewhat resemble the aliens in the first Avengers film).  The radiation turned her into a human-kree hybrid, giving her powers of super strength and agility. In addition she has a limited precognition, and is one of the few super heroes in the Marvel pantheon who has purely telekinetic hover-flight (like a Kryptonian from the DC universe).

Over her super hero career she has been known as Ms. Marvel, Binary, and Warbird. In the current canon of the comics, she has taken on the name Captain Marvel. She was Ms. Marvel when she first joined the Avengers, so this is likely the codename she’ll have in the film.

Of course, Daily Mail doesn’t cite any source for this information, but I can’t see any reason why they would invent it out of nothing. Frankly, I doubt that their writers know enough about the Marvel universe to even come up with that, so unless it’s misinformation from elsewhere, I think we can trust this one, but you may want to treat it as rumor until director Joss Whedon confirms it.

Marvel’s Avengers 2 isn’t due out until the 2014 blockbuster season.