Star Citizen trailer showcases PC gaming glory

Star Citizen could be the most exciting PC game in decades.

Yes, are those who claim PC gaming is dead. First, it was the onsole that was going to kill off the PC, then the accelerated adoption of mobile games on smartphones and tablets. Uh huh, I’ll believe it when I see it. Because so far, PC gaming is still going strong – and if Star Citizen is as good in the final version is it looks in the official trailer, well, there will be a whole lot of console owners wishing they had a halfway decent rig.

The first full official trailer for the video game recently turned up online, and looks like it could be one of the best computer games of all time. The game was created by Chris Roberts, the developer behind the massively successful Wing Commander franchise. Along with the video trailer, some art from the game has also been making the rounds on various sites.

The photos from the game are very cool, but the truly impressive thing about the official trailer is that the footage is rendered by the game engine. It might look like an animated cut scene, but it’s not. The space simulation has reportedly been in development for about 12 months, and isn’t finished yet. The title will have a massive scale and will actually have a game within a game – allowing players to sign up as part of Squadron 42 for space combat.

Star Citizen is set in the year 2942 and the player is part of a decaying cosmic empire. The game will be free to play, so odds are micro-transactions will be the only way to get ahead. Players have to earn citizenship in the game by fulfilling certain roles. There are multiple ways to earn citizenship, including becoming a merchant and generating sufficient cash to purchase citizenship or performing civic duties that lead to citizenship.

The route many PC gamers will undoubtedly take is to sign up with Squadron 42 and serve in the Star Citizen military. The detail on this game is incredible and the visuals are built on top of a modded version of CryEngine 3. Playing as Squadron 42 warriors will allow players to be able to fight hostile extraterrestrials and trade with friendly extraterrestrials.

“What we want to do with Star Citizen wouldn’t be possible on console,” he said. “No one’s really carrying the PC torch anymore, except maybe Valve or Blizzard. It used to be in the ’90s that the coolest stuff you could see was on the PC.”

Roberts promises micro updates with fresh content, including unannounced solar systems to explore. Missions will be based on in-game events, with some possibly being focused on swinging the balance of power from one faction to another.

Roberts also promises player-hosted servers open to mods and an emphasis on creation tools. Personally, I can’t wait for this game to be finished, as it’s one of the most intriguing game concepts I’ve seen for the PC in a very long time.