Video: The Half-Life moments of Gordon Freeman

Hollywood has famously tried to make movies based on video games several times in the past. Typically, the result doesn’t live up to the game or even general (mainstream) expectations. Unsurprisingly, fans have had much better luck creating their own movies based on some of their favorite game properties.

The latest fan-made clip to catch our attention is a Half-Life short film titled “Enter the Freeman.” The movie is roughly 9 minutes long, and was reportedly made on a shoestring budget of $3,000 and shot over two nights. The result? Well, let’s just say it looks better than many genre movies and TV shows I’ve watched in the past.

I think the creator of the film did an especially good job showing the head crab. Remember, this movie isn’t made using special effects or animation, but rather, is a good old-fashioned mixing of pace and style. Watching this fan-made flick makes me really hope Hollywood will get with the program and take some of the beloved video game franchises like Halo and finally make a movie worthy of the big screen.