Microsoft increases security due to new Xbox

Microsoft is taking efforts to increase its security.

Based on that sentence alone, you would probably think we’re talking about software or Internet security, but that isn’t the issue here. Microsoft is enhancing its actual physical security presence at its corporate campus in Redmond, Washington.

At issue, assumedly, is that the company now has a lot of groundwork set for the next iteration of the Xbox and it doesn’t want any information leaked out prematurely.

So now, employees do not have free reign of the corporate campus. The company’s Interactive Entertainment Business, which is in charge of the Xbox, is essentially off limits to people who do not have any direct interaction with the unit.

A few VIP vendors will still be able to roam free without close scrutiny from Microsoft, but any other guest or non-Xbox employee will need to register to get a visitor pass, and during their time at the facility they will be escorted by an Xbox employee.

Previous leaks about the new Xbox showed that the console will have “Kinect v2” built directly into the console, so there will be no need for an extra peripheral.

Among the enhancements referenced are the ability to track four players simultaneously, stronger integration with other devices like the PC and Windows Phone, and just all-around more powerful performance.

Another interesting thing mentioned in the leak is a project Microsoft is reportedly working on, called Kinect Glasses, which has hints of Google’s Project Glass in it.

Microsoft is obviously not happy that this much information has already gone to the presses, and it wants to prevent any future leaks as much as possible.