The Promethean weapons of Halo 4

Over the last several months, we’ve seen several Halo 4 video clips showcasing the various weapons players will be fielding in the long-awaited video game, including footage of the Covenant and UNSC arsenals in action. This week, 343 studios posted a new clip showing us the Promethean weapon lineup.

None of the Promethean weapons appear to be significantly superior or inferior to the arsenals fielded by the Covenant or UNSC. You can see the weapons in the video above, which kicks off with a demonstration of the Lightrifle.

The next weapon is the Scattershot shotgun, followed by a two-handed assault rifle dubbed the Suppressor, which seems to be a rapid fire silenced firearm for people who prefer a quiet ambush strategy.

Next on the list of Promethean weapons is the Boltshot, which appears to be a pistol. My personal favorite? The heavy duty Incineration Cannon which shoots a massive blast that detonates in a wide radius and damages multiple opponents.  The Binary Rifle is the Promethean version of a sniper rifle, although it does disentegrate an enemy, unlike a standard sniper firearm.