Peter Molyneux wants more new IP

Video game pioneer Peter Molyneux thinks that the industry has become lazy.The designer, most recently renowned as the creator of the Fable RPG series, said that the lack of new intellectual property is a shame.

A current example of this is the fact that EA said it would no longer release new IP for the Xbox 360 or PS3 because it was too late in the lives of the consoles.

But EA isn’t the only company to say that, and there have been others who didn’t wait quite as long.

“Two years ago, developers were going to publishers and saying we’d like to do this [new IP], and the publishers were saying, ‘It’s too late in the generation now.’ The first time I heard that was about four years ago – it’s ridiculous,” Molyneux said in a recent interview with Gamesindustry.

The legend has been turning his attention to the world of mobile, and says he is looking forward to seeing what the future will bring to the iPad. He thinks the next iteration of tablets could be more powerful than the next generation of game consoles.

Despite being more powerful, though, it is also the platform for new, original content. Consoles are just homes for sequels these days. Console developers have “become so used to the console cycle, and in a way we’ve become lazy,” he said.

As someone with a stake in mobile gaming now, Molyneux of course has a bias. He didn’t get to where he is without having good intuition, though, so it’s telling that he is eyeing that new market.